New Internet Drafts from NEAT

Two new Internet Drafts from NEAT have been posted in time for the Buenos Aires IETF meeting, in April 2016. One draft updates RFC 6951, the existing specification for encapsulating SCTP packets in UDP datagrams, and has been submitted to the TSV Working Group. Another draft describes a method to encapsulate several TCP connections in … Read more

New Internet Draft on UDP and UDP-Lite usage

A new Internet Draft, “Features of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Lightweight UDP (UDP-Lite) Transport Protocols“, has been posted as a contribution to the IETF TAPS working group. This draft, authored by NEAT participants, describes transport services provided by those two protocols and complements the analysis in another NEAT-authored Internet draft which focused on TCP and SCTP … Read more

NEAT architecture description publicly released

The architecture of the NEAT System is presented for the first time in a detailed description document. The NEAT System defines a new architecture that changes the transport layer interface exposed to Internet applications. This architecture is now available for download from the project’s website. This document starts by laying out the terminology that will be used in … Read more

NEAT Internet Draft adopted as IETF Working Group Item

Authored by NEAT participants, the Internet Draft “On the Usage of Transport Service Features Provided by IETF Transport Protocols” (draft-ietf-taps-transports-usage) has been adopted as a Working Group item by the Transport Services (TAPS) IETF working group. The draft stems from a previous effort, draft-welzl-taps-transports, also contributed by NEAT. Draft-ietf-taps-transports-usage presents a rigorous method for extracting … Read more