NEAT at the 96th IETF meeting

NEAT participants contributed to a range of activities at the IETF’s last meeting in Berlin, in July: Several Internet drafts coming from NEAT were updated, and a new draft was submitted to the TAPS Working Group. Four presentations were given in the TAPS session, two in the TSVWG session, and one in the recently-chartered MAP Research … Read more

NEAT at the Applied Networking Research Workshop

NEAT was at the Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW), sponsored by ACM, the IRTF and ISOC. Three papers were presented: On the Cost of Using Happy Eyeballs for Transport Protocol Selection. Start Me Up: Determining and Sharing TCP’s Initial Congestion Window. How to say that you’re special: Can we use bits in the IPv4 header? The … Read more

Consortium meets in Oslo

NEAT project participants were at the University of Oslo on June 28–30, for a technical plenary meeting. During this face-to-face gathering, partners discussed topics related to the ongoing open-source coding efforts and research activities. The consortium will meet again in the early Autumn, and will be represented at the next IETF meeting in Berlin, where several NEAT-related presentations … Read more

Three NEAT papers accepted in ANRW 2016

Three papers authored by NEAT participants have been accepted in the Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW), sponsored by ACM, the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) and the Internet Society (ISOC). The workshop will be held in Berlin, on July 16. The first paper studies performance implications of “happy eyeballs” mechanisms for transport-protocol selection, in terms … Read more

First paper from NEAT in IEEE LANMAN

The first research paper produced by NEAT has been accepted for presentation in the 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (IEEE LANMAN), to be held in Rome, on June 13–15, 2016. The paper discusses the need for a new transport-layer architecture and its requirements, and sketches the design of the NEAT … Read more

NEAT at the 95th IETF meeting

NEAT participants were in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the 95th IETF meeting, on April 3–8. Several presentations were given on Internet Drafts related to NEAT work in the TAPS, TSVWG and DISPATCH working groups. NEAT will also be present at the next IETF in Berlin, next July.  

New Internet Drafts from NEAT

Two new Internet Drafts from NEAT have been posted in time for the Buenos Aires IETF meeting, in April 2016. One draft updates RFC 6951, the existing specification for encapsulating SCTP packets in UDP datagrams, and has been submitted to the TSV Working Group. Another draft describes a method to encapsulate several TCP connections in … Read more

Consortium meets in Aberdeen

NEAT participants met at the University of Aberdeen on March 8–10 for a technical plenary. Discussion topics at this face-to-face meeting included the design and implementation of a prototype of the core NEAT System, which is being released as open-source software. The consortium will meet again in late June at the University of Oslo. In … Read more

New Internet Draft on UDP and UDP-Lite usage

A new Internet Draft, “Features of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Lightweight UDP (UDP-Lite) Transport Protocols“, has been posted as a contribution to the IETF TAPS working group. This draft, authored by NEAT participants, describes transport services provided by those two protocols and complements the analysis in another NEAT-authored Internet draft which focused on TCP and SCTP … Read more

NEAT presented at MAMI’s kickoff meeting

NEAT was presented to the partners of the new MAMI European research project, at MAMI’s kickoff in Zürich, on February 9. Both projects are going to discuss possible avenues for technical cooperation. A reciprocal presentation of MAMI will take place during NEAT’s next plenary meeting in Aberdeen, in mid-March. Two partners of the NEAT consortium, … Read more